May 24, 2016 4:00 PM ET
TSX: HBC $15.00 + 0.20


Richard Baker
Governor and Executive Chairman
Paul Beesley
Chief Financial Officer
Bonnie Brooks
Vice Chairman
Dan Caspersen
Executive Vice President, Human Resources
Kathleen de Guzman
Senior Vice President, Investor Relations
Jonathan Greller
President, HBC Off-Price
Marc Metrick
President, Saks Fifth Avenue
Brian Pall
President of Real Estate
David Pickwoad
Executive Vice President & General Counsel
Ian Putnam
Executive Vice President, Chief Corporate Development Officer
Elizabeth Rodbell
President, HBC Department Store Group
Dion Rooney
Executive Vice President, HBC Digital
Janet Schalk
Chief Information Officer
Gerald Storch
Chief Executive Officer
Olivier Van den Bossche
President, GALERIA Kaufhof
Donald Watros
President, HBC International
Todd Zator
Chief Accounting Officer

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